Wild Fact #977 – The Purrrrfect Plan – Cats


Maybe I should label today’s fact “Domestic Fact #977” since I have a tough time considering the common house cat to be wild.  Although, they tend to be independent and slightly rebellious so that is how I am justifying them as a Wild Fact!

I have often thought of cats as being a conniving and manipulative pet.  Now, I have scientific evidence to prove just how manipulative cats can be.  A new study has shown that cats have evolved a special purr called “solicitation purring”.  They have developed this special purr in order to get what they want from humans! This purr has a similar pitch and frequency to a baby crying.  We all know that we can’t ignore a baby crying, especially when you are trying to sleep on a late night flight.  I am sure many cat owners have witnessed this type of manipulative purring.  You know that awesome time in the morning when you just wake up and it is cold outside so you just want to lie all snuggled up in your warm, comfy bed? Yeah, that is a great time yet the minute you start to stir, in comes Midnight purring like a crazy cat.  Because of the high pitch and frequency which makes the purr sound urgent, you feel inclined to get out of your warm sanctuary and plop some food into her bowl. If this has ever happened to you then your faithful, furry, feline friend just pulled a fast one over you. When cats communicate with other cats they tend to use a lower pitched purr.  They only save this high-pitched, annoying, baby like sound for their owners!  And you wonder why they say a dog is man’s best friend?

Have you ever witnessed the high-pitched frequency of a whining cat? Did you know they evolved this pitch to get what they want from humans?

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