Wild Website – Great Ontario Photos

As I continue my journey into blogging I tend to read a lot of other people’s blogs.  I do this to see what other people are writing about, how it is set up, etc.  I tend to come across a lot of interesting articles as I am on blogging communities trying to promote Wild Facts.
From time to time, I come across a website that I find truly fascinating.  As I do, I will post them on Wild Facts to share with everyone.  The website I am sharing with you today is a photoblog from a photographer near Fort Frances, Ontario.  Everyday he shares a new photo that he has taken around Rainy Lake.  There are some pretty incredible photos on this site so I encourage you to take the time and check it out.

Before you do though, make sure you don’t forget to read Wild Fact #985 about Crocodile adaptations.

Check out these photos at the following link:


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