Wild Websites – Funky Facts!

Wild Websites – Funky Facts!


Well, folks I guess it is about time I pass on another interesting website for your reading pleasure.  I have had a link to it for awhile now in my sidebar but I really wanted to draw your attention to this site.  If you like crazy animal facts then you will love all of the “Funky Facts” that are on http://funky-facts.blogspot.com/ .  Not only does the author provide interesting facts on animals but on everything in general.  One of my favourites was the post about the youngest girl to have a baby (I guarantee you will be shocked by this fact).

ColdRicePudding makes humorous posts about everyday things. This site is one to visit if you need more random facts to clutter up your mind. You can request facts or send articles of your own easily with the contact form. Funky Facts is also available in many different languages. Don’t forget to bookmark and follow!

So what are you waiting for, check it out and enjoy the funky fresh facts at Funky Facts!


Disclaimer: Some posts may contain language not suitable for a younger audience.


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    SJ Tavo October 07, 2009

    oh my god – read about the five year old giving birth – that is some twisted stuff!! what a blog – will definitely have to go back and peruse more of the postings! Thanks for recommending it!


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      Nathan October 07, 2009

      I thought that was pretty messed up about the 5 year old. Glad you enjoyed it.

      There are a few interesting posts on Funky Facts. Definitely worth a read thru when you have time.

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