Wild Fact #792 – Bear Necessities – Spectacled Bear


You folks are going to be glad you stopped by today since you are all in for a real treat.  Today we get to learn about the only bear species found in South America.  It is believed that the Spectacled Bear’s ability to climb trees quickly has allowed them to claim this status.

Normally when we think of bears, we think of vicious beasts of the forest that are incredibly dangerous.  Obviously, I don’t support this line of thinking since it is far from true.  Probably, why I think of Baloo from the Jungle Book singing “Bear Necessities”every time I start thinking of these beautiful creatures. I really get sidetracked easily, don’t I?  I am back on track now.  “Vicious Beasts of the Forest” should be the very last thought when you think of the spectacled bear.  These guys are smaller than most bear species with the large males weighing in at 340 lbs while the females are committed to the Slim Fast diet and only weigh about 180 lbs. These unique bears are very shy and would much rather climb 14000 feet to live in the cloud forests on the sides of the Andes mountains than confront another animal.  It is probably for this reason that they are primarily vegetarians.  That’s right, they mostly feed on berries, honey and even cacti. Occasionally they will feed on reptiles, rodents, insects and of course small cows.  You didn’t see that last one coming, did you?

Just in case you were wondering, the Spectacled Bear received this name as a result of the colouration of their face.  If you look at the picture again you will notice that the beige rings around the eyes makes it look as though they are wearing eye-glasses.  For once, the scientists actually came up with a creative name for their new discovery.

That just about does it for the Eyeglass Bear…. I mean, spectacled bear.  Have a great day!

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