Wild Fact #803 – Ninja of the Bug World – Assassin Bug

The latest insect to be added to Wild Facts this week is the Assassin Bug.  I don’t know about you but just the name of this bug is awesome.  It sounds like it will be the deadliest bug in the world.  I just picture an important queen bumblebee giving a speech to all of her drones when the Assassin Bug takes her out before any of the other bugs know what is going on.  I smell a blockbuster movie coming from this.  All right, so they sound cool but are they actually that interesting?  Let’s find out!

As you may have guessed, the assassin bug is a predatory bug that will use its sucking-piercing mouth parts to feed on other insects.  Not to let you down, these bugs get their name from their hunting style.  You see they tend to remain concealed and still until they ambush any unfortunate prey going for a nice stroll. In one quick and accurate strike they will inject a deadly poison into their prey.  This is the gross part folks! This poison will cause the tissues to break down so the assassin bug can simply suck up their food like a McDonald’s milkshake.

If you are the type of person that likes to pick up weird bugs then I do recommend some caution with these killer bugs.  If they are handled roughly they will pierce your skin in self-defense.  This will feel a lot like a bee sting and will be followed by numbness and swelling.  I highly doubt they will try to suck up your hand though. There is a sub-species of assassin bug called the “Kissing Bug”.  Trust me when I tell you that they didn’t get this name from being all lovey-dovey.  Nope, they received this name for their habit of biting the lips and eyes of humans while they sleep.  See, isn’t that interesting?

Well, I am off now!  Have a great night sleep!

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