Wild Websites – A-Z Animals

While researching for Wild Facts, I tend to come across some incredibly interesting animal websites. Today, I am going to tell you about the best resource for animal information on the net.  I am not kidding! I absolutely love A-Z Animals and I know you will too.

Not only does A-Z Animals have an incredible amount of information relating to various animal species but you can also take a minute to play some of Gary the Goat’s Games or test your knowledge with Colin Cow’s Quizzes. As well, you can follow Bernie the Bear’s Animal of the Day, or look around Sammy Sheep’s Shop. Whatever you do though make sure you check out Betty the Butterfly’s Blog since she has some great posts that I know you will enjoy. So if your child is looking for information for a school project then I recommend A-Z Animals.  Not only do they have a ton of animal information but their blog is inspiring and the writing is captivating.

In all honesty, when I first started Wild Facts, I had the idea of making it a great resource for students.  After stumbling onto A-Z Animals, I realized that their website was exactly the dream I had for Wild Facts. This is why I am urging you go there and check it out and bookmark it.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

I am so impressed with A-Z Animals that I have invited them to be a guest writer on Wild Facts. As well, I will be contributing articles to help build up their amazing database.  My first article on the Pink Fairy Armadillo (you remember that Wild Fact, right?) will be uploaded in the next week or so.

Go now and check out A-Z Animals at http://a-z-animals.com/.  As well, there will be a link to A-Z Animals on the sidebar of Wild Facts.  That way you can get there anytime you want.

Well, I am off to go and read some more interesting animal articles on my favourite website for animal information.

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