Book Review – Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer S. Holland

Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer S. Holland - Amazing Animal Relationships.

Today we are going to learn that friendships and heartfelt feelings are behaviours which are not as unique to humans as we might think. If you don’t believe me then I strongly suggest that you read Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer S. Holland. Actually, I recommend you read this book even if you do believe me.

So, what is Unlikely Friendships all about? Well the author looks at 47 remarkable stories from the animal kingdom and highlights some of the most unusual relationships you could imagine. For starters, Jennifer Holland opens up the book by describing the unusual friendship that formed between an African elephant and a sheep. In this case, the poor elephant was left orphaned after his mother accidentally fell off a cliff. The 6 month old elephant, named Themba, was scared and in need of some motherly love – enter Albert the Sheep. Albert was there to watch over and help Themba through these tough times. This odd couple took naps together, played together, and hung out like long-time friends.

This is just one of the 47 stories which describe how animals can put aside their differences and find friendship and even love with another species. Even animals that naturally dislike each other are capable of forming tight bonds. In one story the author tells the story of an old, blind dog that was being taken care of by the family cat. Believe it or not, the cat would walk in front of the dog, right below his chin, and guide him to his food bowl or out to the yard. That’s right, the cat was basically a seeing-eye dog…errr… cat.

I think my personal favourite story which illustrates the incredible spectrum of emotions that animals have is the famous story of Koko the Gorilla and the kitten. It is incredible that this “less sophisticated” animal species was able to know that he wanted a kitten for his birthday. Even more incredible were the range of emotions that Koko experienced when the poor little kitten met its untimely death. Trust me, this is one short story you need to read.

In all honesty, the author does a great job of narrating the friendships and bonds formed between some unusual animals in a way that is easy and fun to read. Unlikely Friendships is truly an amazing book with 47 short stories that will make your mouth drop in awe as you learn that animals are indeed capable of “human” emotion. Here are a few more “Unlikely Friendships” that you will get to read about when you pick up your copy of this wonderful book:

The Macaque and the Kitten

The White Rhino and the Billy Goat

The Sled Dog and the Polar Bear – This one just boggles my mind!!

The Rat and the Cat – Sounds like a Dr. Seuss book but it was also an interesting story.

The Orangutan Babies and the Tiger Cubs

The Snake and the Hamster – Another one that amazes me. You’d think the snake would eat the hamster.

The Dachshund and the Piglet

And, stories of many more unusual animals forming life-long friendships.

I don’t promote a lot of products or try to push too many things on you but this is definitely one book that I think every one of you will enjoy. While writing out my Wild Facts, I noticed that people are intrigued and inspired by the “human” qualities of animals. Well, Unlikely Friendships by Jennifer S. Holland explores the human-like behaviour of animals on a whole new level. You will fall in love with the cute and happy stories throughout this book.

I am even going to make it easy for you to purchase by adding a link to Amazon right below. Trust me, you will enjoy this book so much you will lend it to your friends and family to read.

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