Guest Post – A peaceful creature in a violent world: The Canary

Currently in the world today there are approximately 10,000 bird species known to be alive with 400 falling into the category of endangered. The top three of the most popular house pets for birds are parakeets, cockatiels, and canaries.

You often see them in bird cages, but how much do you know about the canary. These birds only reach about 5 inches in length and can live as long as 10 years. Although they typically could care less about what humans are doing, they have been beloved pets for hundreds of years. Much of the appeal is their beautiful song, peaceful personality, and small size. It was because of this good nature that the singing Canary first found its way into Europe in 1478.
Nearly every type of canary found has the ability to sing. However, there are some who enjoy this practice more then others. Often breeders will attempt to focus on the more vocal birds for breeding in hopes that this will create a more vocal offspring, although reports of this being successful have been mixed.

Every since they were first imported and kept as pets, with bird cages being built with remarkable and exquisite designs, their popularly has only increased. There have even been reports of royalty having special bird cages designed out of gold, silver, and precious stones. These were often kept in palaces, and because of this incredible interest Spain, who had the majority of canary birds, would only import males. It wasnít until the early sixteenth century that a female canary was able to be found or sold.

Although humans are cursed to have their brain cells gradually die over time, the canary has the remarkable ability to simply regenerate them. This is one of the contributing factors for the longevity of their lives.

Unlike Cockatoos, who will sometimes use their beaks and talons to open doors, the canary will tolerate bird cages. Because of this these birds make for an ideal pet, however there are other birds in the wild that are not quite so friendly. There have been reports that in Florida vultures have now started to fly in and grab poodles from patios on rooftops. There are also some eagles that have killed small young deer and fly away with them.

Animals in the wild are not always kind to those in their own as well. Turkeys have been known to find members of their flock that are different or physically inferior and peck them to death.

The canary is a beautiful and peaceful creature that has captured the hearts of millions for centuries. They are a unique bird in a sky full of predators.

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