Wild Fact #547 – My Pet Octopus – California Two-Spot Octopus

Photo from Wikimedia

Here we are again with a fresh new Wild Fact.  Of course, you know by now that today’s animal will live in the ocean and I am guessing you can narrow this down a little more by reading the title of today’s fact.  That’s right, the California Two-Spot Octopus, which is also known as the Bimac Octopus, lives off the coast of California (among many other places). I know this is shocking but I swear I am telling you the truth.  If you are wondering how to tell if the Octopus you are looking at is actually a Bimac, then look deep into its eyes.  Actually, you just need to look beside their eyes as these particular creatures have blue, circular eye-spots on each side of their head.  Let’s see what else we can learn about these eight legged animals.

The California Two-Spot Octopus actually has a friendly temperament and are quite hardy.  This ultimately makes them the best Octopus to own as a pet.  So if you have ever wanted an octopus or if your dog is just looking for a new playmate then perhaps you should look into the California Tw0-Spot Octopus. If you are thinking about getting one as a pet, you should probably know how big they can get, right?

Photo from Wikimedia

Well, the Bimac Octopus typically has a mantle size of 17.5 cm (7″) but their arms will take this size to 58 cm (23″) so you will need a fairly large aquarium to put them in.  Yes, this means the goldfish bowl will not be suffice.  The California Two-Spot Octopus relies heavily on camouflage or crypsis.  Basically, they will change their colour to blend into their environment.  Seriously, how cool would this little trick be at a party?

California Two-Spot Octopus Fast Fact – If you do consider getting a pet Bimac Octopus then it is important to know that their life-span is fairly short.  They typically only live for about one or two years.  You will know when they are reaching the end of their road as the female will lay her eggs.  If you have a male, well, they will begin to go senile! The thought of a crazy Octopus pet sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

It looks like we have just about made it through another week.  Only one Wild Fact left for the week so make sure you tune in tomorrow to see the last Deep Sea Creature. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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