Wild Fact #554 – Blue on Black – Emperor Scorpion

Wild Fact #554 – Blue on Black – Emperor Scorpion

Photo by Mike Baird (Wikimedia)

Now I know all of you are sad that you have to go back to work today but hopefully you enjoyed your long weekend.  To help ease you back into the work week, we are going to look at a nice cuddly animal.  What?!? I am sure somebody would cuddle with the Emperor Scorpion. Okay, so maybe they aren’t the most snuggly animal in the world but they are the largest Scorpion in the world, which has to count for something.  If you are looking to check out this incredible Scorpion species then you will need to book a flight to Africa.  How come nobody is rushing out to go and view the world’s largest scorpion?

Okay, so just how big is the Emperor Scorpion?  I knew you would ask this question so I came prepared.  This particular Scorpion only gets up to 23 cm (9″) in length.  Don’t worry though they typically average a mere 20 cm (8′) in length. That is much better, isn’t it? The nice thing about the Emperor Scorpion is the fact that they have a relatively low toxicity level and some humans have reported no effects after being stung. Although other humans have reported intense pain, so maybe some are just tougher than others.

Emperor Scorpion under UV Light - Photo by Pnwnature (Wikimedia)

You most likely will never have to worry about being stung by these beautiful creatures since Emperor Scorpions, like most scorpions, tend to be reclusive and would rather hide all day – only coming out to hunt for food.  And no, humans are not on their list of prey items. These large creatures will mostly feed on termites, so if you are a termite or know someone that is, then they should be careful.

Emperor Scorpion Fast Fact - Due to their incredibly large size (for a scorpion) and their relatively low toxicity level, the Emperor Scorpion is very popular among the pet trade. Hmmm… I guess some people do like to cuddle these animals. Interestingly enough, to find these scorpions and force them into the pet market, hunters will use ultraviolet lights.  Why? Well it isn’t just because UV lights are cool!  You see, the Emperor Scorpion will turn bluish under this light making them easier to spot. Perhaps this trick would work with your car keys?

Okay, well I guess that is enough Scorpion talk for one day.  Enjoy your day at work and I will see you tomorrow.


  1. Avatar
    PC Nicholas May 24, 2011

    Thanks Nathan, for having this article about the Scorpion. They are as attractive as they are mysterious. I saw one in Singapore that had almost neon colors. Now their usefulness to humans is the fact that they consume termites!!! Would rather have Scorpions around than termites! Hope you’ll have more on other Scorpions!!!!

  2. Avatar
    scott February 17, 2012

    just bought one. love it. very friendly. scares everyone..

    • Avatar
      Nathan February 19, 2012

      hahaha, I can imagine it would scare your visitors, Scott.

      That is pretty cool that you have one though. I am sure it makes a nice pet.

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