Wild Fact # 601 – Caught Red Handed – Red-Handed Tamarin

Photo by Frank Wouters (Wikimedia)

So we are going to end the week with another type of Tamarin.  I know we have already looked at 3 other types but the Red-Handed Tamarin is just too cute not to write about.  This particular species is also known as the Midas Tamarin or the Golden-Handed Tamarin.  I figured I would go with the Red-Handed name since it allows me to use my catchy “Caught Red Handed” title!  If you want to catch a glimpse of these interesting little New-World Monkeys then we need to head to the moist, woodland forests along the Amazon River in South America. 

It is no surprise that the Red-Handed Tamarin loves to climb trees and just happens to be incredibly agile and quick.  You may be surprised to find out that these little monkey’s can jump 18 m (60′) from a tree to the ground, if they ever need to.  I remember jumping off the roof of my house, which wasn’t even close to this height, and my knees hit my chin.  As a result it is safe to say that I couldn’t even imagine jumping 60 feet.

It is probably a good thing that the Red-Handed Tamarin is so nimble and quick since their small size makes them look like a tasty appetizer to many predators.  Some creatures the Tamarin needs to be on the lookout for include dogs, snakes, wild cats, birds of prey and of course humans.  Humans may not be directly hunting these little critters but we aren’t doing them any favours by destroying all of their habitat.  At one point in time the habitat and distribution of the Golden-Handed Tamarin use to be quite extensive.  Although, our dire need for more land has resulted in a decline the available habitat for these interesting little Tamarins. 

Red-Handed Tamarin Fast Fact – The male is the primary caretaker in this family.  Yep, the fathers take care of watching the young rascals only giving them to their mother for feeding purposes.  Luckily the rest of the Tamarin troop is willing to help out which gives Dad a much deserved rest to go out for a beer with his buddies.

I guess that does it for our trip to the Amazon.  I think I might stick around for a few more days if any of you care to join me.  Enjoy your weekend!

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