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Okay folks, it is time for another edition of Wild Websites where I pass on only the best nature related websites to you.  The great thing about today’s website is they collect the best of the best nature sites for you… all in one place.  That’s right, Nature Center Magazine is your one stop shopping center for everything nature related.

In the words of the wonderful creators themselves:

Nature Center Magazine was created to introduce the rest of the internet to the world of nature. It is a main hub for all nature websites. We will help you find the best of the nature sites that the internet has to offer”

They definitely stay true to their word as this incredible website is definitely the hub for everything related to nature.  Not only can you find amazing nature websites but they also have a section dedicated to Cool Nature Videos. I personally enjoyed the video on the Komodo Dragon but the Seahorse giving birth was rather interesting as well.

If cool nature videos and amazing nature information isn’t enough to encourage you to go and check out the site then perhaps you would be interested in some absolutely stunning and FREE Nature Wallpapers. That’s right, Nature Center Magazine has an amazing collection of beautiful wallpapers that will help spruce up your computer.  Again, I personally like the tree frog, bald eagle, the Ghostly Hiker….. you know what, they are all incredible.

So by now, I am sure you have figured out that Nature Center Magazine is truly the best place to go to find anything and everything related to nature.  Before you go and check out the site, I want to share one more neat feature they offer.  They actually have a section which highlights Online Field Guides.  Are you curious about the weird looking bug you found? How about that little bird chirping in your backyard?  Well, they have Online Field Guides that will help you figure all of this out.

So what are you waiting for?  Head over to Nature Center Magazine and check out this incredible website. In fact, I highly recommend bookmarking it so you can visit them every day.

Here is the link again…..www.nc-mag.com .  Have fun browsing through all of the nature information.

*** Please Note that the Latest Wild Fact is Below this Post ***

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