Wild Fact #137 – Gentle…but Deadly – Tiger Snake

Worlds Venomous Snakes - Tiger Snake

Photo by JAW – Wikimedia

Did You Know?

  • The amazing Tiger Snake can adapt itself to live in many places that other snakes would not like to live, so it is a true survivor.
  • In general it does not like to attack, unless it is startled or surprised, so if you walk past one carefully you should be OK!
  • Their “deadly” venom contains highly potent neurotoxins, clotting enzymes and myotoxic components.  You wouldn’t like to be bit by one, and would feel very unwell within minutes!

Different Tiger Snakes For Different Countries

Depending on where it is found, the super-tough Tiger Snake comes in different colours and variations.  Firstly, there are “Black Tiger snakes”.  These snakes are dark in color, with shiny scaly skin and they really like to live in drier areas (although there has to be some moisture around, so the best areas for these snakes tend to be near coastal areas). Then there is the “Peninsula Tiger snake” which is closely related to the common Tiger snake (and the Eastern Tiger snake) that come from wetter parts of Australia.

You will also find Krefft’s Tiger snakes (whose scientific name is Notechis ater ater).  These are normally found in wetter areas like wetlands and along certain rivers.  These snakes are typically the smallest of the Tiger snakes, but have tough bodies to help protect them! Because they prefer these specific habitats it does mean that they don’t like to travel to other areas, and this can have an effect on how many of them stay alive and survive.

Worlds Most Deadly Snake - Tiger Snake

Photo by Benjamint444 – Wikimedia

Food For Thought

The Tiger snakes have to eat, just like any other snake.  The Black Tiger Snakes tend to eat birds and mammals that live within the local area.  The Krefft’s Tiger snake tends to eat a diet consisting of Frogs and tadpoles.  They have also been found to take and eat small mammals and even Black duck ducklings! If you ever find yourself being bitten by one of these deadly snakes then you will quickly need an “anti-venom”!  There are anti-venoms that have been produced to deal with a bite from this type of snake so if you ever find yourself on an expedition in an area populated by these kinds of snake, be sure to carry the right “Tiger snake anti-venom”.

Snakes can sure be deadly if you get on the wrong side of them, but they are also very fascinating to watch and study.


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