Wild Fact #138 – A Farmer’s Friend – Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snake

Photo by Poyt448 Peter Woodard

Did You Know?

  • The Eastern Brown Snake is mostly found in the dry areas of Australia.
  • These snakes will bite, and do kill, but there is a good anti-venom, which helps a lot!
  • Like most other snakes the Eastern Brown variety also likes to snake on rats and mice

Hello Gorgeous!

When the Eastern Brown snake is looking to find a new partner, the male snake will engage in a special dance….normally around spring time.  During this time the male snakes will take up the sport of fighting each other. Usually,  one snake will try and force the other snake out of the way, as if to say “I’m the big snake on campus, not you”. The snake who is the winner will be the one who gets to mate with the female snake.  In fact he will also get to mate with all of the female snakes in the local area.

Eastern Brown Snake

Photo by Fir0002

Eastern Brown Snakes – Some Good News At Least!

The Eastern Brown Snake tends to be found in a wide number of areas like deserts, grasslands, pastures and wood lands.  Because they like to eat rodents, you will also find them close to farms and barns.  This means that they are in fact helpful to farmers because they control the number of rodent pests. The only downside to this, is that farmers and their farm workers have to work in areas where these snakes live, and so this means that more humans come into contact with the Eastern Brown snake, and we all know that’s not a good idea!

The other good news is that there is a good anti-venom that has been made, so the number of people who die from being bitten by one of these snakes is not very high at all, perhaps just two deaths a year. You will know you’ve seen one as it’s belly is normally Cream or Yellow or pale Orange that might have darker Orange spots.  The back of this snake can be Tan or Gray or dark Brown.  Beware if you want to stay safe!

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