Wild Fact #139 – Watch Your Step – Blue Krait

Most Dangerous Snakes - Blue Krait

Did You Know?

  • The Blue Krait snake is one of the most venomous snakes across Thailand
  • This snake takes no prisoners, and likes to eat other snakes as well as skinks
  • It’s one of the “big four” deadliest snakes in India

Calm But Deadly

Believe it or not, one bite from this slippery assassin is enough to kill you.  When it bites you, it’s venom will enter your body and is supposed to be an unbelievable 15 times more deadly (virulent) than that of the common Cobra snake so if you get bit by one you better have an anti-venom! Even though it is one of the scariest snakes on the planet it also very relaxed.  The wild Krait has been lifted by snake handlers with their bare hands – crazy if you ask me!

If you haven’t got an anti-venom then you are going to be in for a totally horrible experience!  Most people do not survive, although one lucky survivor did when he was bit in 1954.  His name was Bill Haast and he later told people that he felt like all his skin had been ripped off and that all the nerves in his teeth were exposed. He also felt as if his hair was being ripped from his head, which doesn’t sound very pleasant, if you ask me!Most Venomous Snakes - Blue Krait

Blue Krait Colors

Despite it being called a Blue Krait, the snake isn’t actually Blue.  Interestingly enough,  it’s actual colors are made up of a white body with broad black bands across it.  Sometimes you will see some yellow patches on it too.  The head of the Blue Krait is completely dark in colour. Despite the yellow patches, this snake will still be difficult to see in the wild, so If you are ever visiting Malaysia or Thailand then be careful where you walk and what you do. Luckily the Blue Krait prefers to come out at night time as they are not that big a fan on being out in the sunshine!  However, they do like to be close to water and enjoys flat planes such as rice fields and rice dams.


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