Wild Fact #220 – Do Not Provoke! – Faint-Banded Sea Snake

Faint-Banded Sea Snake

Photo by Andreas Viklund (Wikimedia)

We are going to begin the week with an animal that holds the record as the World’s Most Venomous Snake. Now some of you may be thinking that we are going to look at the Inland Taipan again, but the snake known as the Fierce Snake comes in second place right behind today’s featured animals, the Faint-Banded Sea Snake. So where can we find this crazily poisonous snake? Typically, this Sea Snake can be found swimming in the Indian Ocean around the Philippines and New Guinea. Similarly, they can be found in the Gulf of Thailand, off the coast of northern Australia, with large densities spotted around the Ashmore Reef in the Timor Sea (northwestern Australia). If you enjoy diving, you are probably asking yourself one, very important question.

Can the Faint-Banded Sea Snake Kill Me?

Yes the Faint-Banded Sea Snake could definitely kill or seriously injure humans; however, these snakes are surprisingly quite friendly. I am not saying you should cuddle them and invite them to your tea party but they are docile and it will take a lot of provocation to get bit by one of these sea snakes. As well, when a Faint-Banded Sea Snake bites a human, they usually decide not to inject their venom (see, I told you they were friendly). For the most part, it is fishermen pulling in their nets that receive the fateful bite of the Faint-Banded Sea Snake. With that said, I highly recommend swimming the other way if you happen to see one during your next dive. Belchers Snake

How Deadly is the Faint-Banded Sea Snake?

If you provoked this sea snake enough to receive a venomous bite, then I highly suggest seeking medical attention as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you may not have time to get help as people have been known to die within minutes of being injected with a full dose of their venom. Believe it or not, their bite has enough venom to kill about 10 000 people so I highly recommend you don’t play around with this slippery serpent.

Did You Know?

The Faint-Banded Sea Snake is capable of holding their breath for up to 8 hours before surfacing for another gulp of fresh air. 


Bottom Photo Credit: LHS Virtual Zoo

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