Wild Fact #271 – Putting On A Show – Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale

Photo from Wikimedia

We have spent the last 2 days swimming around the ocean looking for the Giant Squid and the beautiful Harp Seal, so I thought we might as well end the week playing around in the ocean. Today’s featured animal, suggested by our faithful reader, Jamie – thanks for the recommendation – should be easy to spot since the Humpback Whale is one of the larger animals hanging out in the ocean. This particular whale can be found in oceans and seas throughout the world so pick your favourite coastline and let’s end the week learning about one of the most majestic creatures of the sea.

The Ocean Concert

The Humpback Whale is known for their incredible songs, which are composed of a variety of moans, howls and other complex noises. The great thing about a Humpback concert is you really get your money’s worth as they will typically sing for hours…non-stop! Interestingly enough, we aren’t 100% sure why they are singing but scientists figure it has to do with attracting a mate, which makes sense because why else would a guy sing for hours on end? If you would like to hear what the Humpback Whale sounds like then I highly suggest watching the short video clip below…you will be amazed!


Did You Know?

During the summer, the Humpback Whale will hang out in the oceans surrounding the earth’s poles. They spend most of their time feeding on krill, crustaceans and small fish in order to build up a nice fat layer. And it is a good thing that they do as they typically don’t feed during the winter months – talk about your all time worst diet. That’s right, this large whale will migrate thousands of miles to the warmer waters around the equator for the winter months. Their main objective during these months is to find a mate and produce offspring, so feeding typically takes a back seat. Instead they rely on all of those fat reserves they built up during the summer. So I guess calling a Humpback Whale fat…..is actually a compliment. Perhaps all of those other “complex noises” this whale makes is just the sound of their stomach growling from hunger.

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