Wild Fact #317 – Having a Cranky Day? – Rainbow Crabs

Rainbow Crab | Soapdish Crab

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If you are having a bad day then this Wild Fact is sure to brighten up your mood. Why, you ask? Mainly because today’s featured animal is the Rainbow Crab, which just happens to be one of the more colourful animals out there. Never heard of the Rainbow Crab? Perhaps you know them by another name as they have quite a few common names including Moon Crab, Patriot Crab, Halloween Crab and if you are in the pet trade, you will know them as Soapdish Crabs. Aside from being found in homes across the world, the Rainbow Crab, can be seen frequenting areas of western Africa. Now it is up to you if you want to take a trip to Africa or the pet store to catch a glimpse of today’s animal. I am personally going to Africa…..you coming?

A Colourful Crustacean

So I mentioned the Rainbow Crab is one of the more colourful animals in the world and I wasn’t lying. These little crustaceans begin life with a nice blue/silver carapace (their shell), red legs and white claws. Typically the males are more colourful than the females, which is witnessed in numerous animal species, unfortunately these bright colour begins to fade as the Rainbow Crab grows older, regardless of the gender. If you currently have a young male as a pet then you should probably enjoy these colourful years of their youth.

Rainbow Crab | Soapdish Crab

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Hungry as a Crab

Have you ever wondered why these crabs are often called Soapdish Crabs? Probably not, but I am guessing you are curious, now…aren’t you? You see, Rainbow Crabs are kind of like the Bettas of the crustacean world. Basically, if you put two of these crabs in the same enclosure….only one is leaving alive. So they received the name Soapdish Crabs as they need to be shipped to pet stores in separate soap dishes. Why are they being shipped in soap dishes? I have no idea but I guess it works. Not surprisingly, these highly aggressive crabs will eat just about anything that it can get its hands ….errrr….claws….on. These omnivores will have no issues feeding on vegetation, carrion or even small crabs, reptiles and fish. Like I said, they will eat anything, so watch where you put your fingers!

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