Wild Fact #32 – Two-Faced – False-Eyed Frog

False-Eyed Frog

Photo by Felipe Gomes (Wikipedia)

Cool Facts About The False-Eyed Frog

  • The False-Eyed Frog has a pair of eyes on their butt – you can’t get much cooler than that, can you?
  • This incredible frog species can only be found in South America. More specifically, in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia, so they next time you wandering around these parts, keep your eyes peeled for the False-Eyed Frog
  • Believe it or not, chameleons are not the only animals that can change colours. When they are startled, our featured animal, is capable of quickly changing the colour of their skin in an effort to scare off their would be attackers.

My Froggy, What Large Eyes You Have

Okay, so let’s talk about those eyes. A False-Eyed Frog will look quite differently from afar. It isn’t until you get close enough to startle the frog that you see the true power of their mimicry. The second these frogs are frightened, they will spin around, put their head to the ground and throw their bum in the air to show off the surprising face with rather large eyes. The crazy thing about this tactic is the fact that during the same moment they are whipping themselves around, the colour of their skin is changing, which shows the large blue/black eyes on their rump. No doubt any predator who thought they were about to get a meal will now be concerned for their own lives as there is a large mysterious creature staring at them. Typically, this causes the predator to run away with their tail between their legs (or slither away if it was a hungry snake). False-Eyed Frog

One Final Defence Tactic

If the attacker is too clever to be fooled by such trickery, the False-Eyed Frog will rely on their backup strategy. This involves the release of a smelly, sticky substance from a couple of glands located inside of the giant eyes on their back-end. For the most part, this final defence tactic is usually enough to scare away all hungry predators. After all, who would want to snack on a giant frog that smells…and has ooze dripping from their eyes?


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