Wild Fact #4 – Goodbye Tiny Hippo – Madagascar Dwarf Hippopotamus

Madagascar Dwarf Hippopotamus

Do you remember those commercials with the “House Hippo”? You know the one with the tiny hippopotamus running all through your home. In case you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, check out the video below:

While the Madagascar Dwarf Hippopotamus isn’t quite this small, they are as equally interesting and worthy of being Wild Fact #4. The only problem with this incredible mammal is the fact that they have been extinct for about 1000 years. I know, I was bummed out too since I really wanted there to be a miniature hippo running around. ¬†Although, the Madagascar Dwarf Hippopotamus is gone, it doesn’t mean they are forgotten. Let’s take a look at some of their more intriguing characteristics.

Cool Facts About the Madagascar Dwarf Hippopotamus

  • As you may have guessed, this particular hippo species could be found on the island of Madagascar like so many other cool animals
  • According to the fossil records the Madagascar Dwarf Hippopotamus was definitely related to the regular ol’ Hippo and Pygmy Hippo’s roaming the earth today
  • It is believed that human hunting expedited the decimation of the Dwarf Hippopotamus population, however, we are unsure how much of an impact it had.
  • Although most research indicates that these creatures have been extinct for a thousand years there had been some biologists that believe they were still wondering Madagascar during recent times. As such, this animal wasn’t officially listed as extinct until 2002.


The Million Dollar Question

How small was the Madagascar Dwarf Hippopotamus?

Of course we need to address the size of this amazing little hippo. The largest Madagascar Dwarf Hippo that we know about was roughly 2 metres (6.5 feet) in length, which isn’t quite as small as the House Hippo in the video above but they are still quite tiny compared to the regular sized creatures roaming earth today. To make the size fo this hippo even more spectacular is the fact that they were only 0.7 metres (2.5 feet) tall. If you think about it, this awesome animal was smaller than most medium and large dogs. Sure they probably weighed a little more but in theory you could have them as a pet.


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