Wild Fact #117 – Worlds Smallest Parrot – Pygmy Parrot

Smallest Parrot In the World - Pygmy Parrot

Photo by Photo by mehdhalaouate


Parrots are one of life’s many wonders, and Pygmy parrots make life so much more interesting purely because of their tiny size.  They are a species of parrot which have never ever been successfully kept in captivity.  When people have tried they have quickly died.

Cool Stuff You Might Like To Know!

  • There are actually 6 different species of Pygmy parrot.
  • They mainly like to eat Fungus and Lichen – YUMMY!
  • Most of the time these tiny birds climb through foliage using it’s beak and large feet.
  • The smallest of the species is the Buff Faced Pygmy parrot.
  • On average they measure between 8cm tall and 10cm tall (3.5 to 4 inches) – Yeah, that is tiny!

Time To Be Identified!

Okay, so now let’s list the six different species (and see if you can remember them this time tomorrow…you never know, there might be a quiz)

Pygmy Parrot Species:

  1. Yellow-Capped Pygmy Parrot (scientific name: Micropsitta keiensis) – found in Indonesia as well as Papua new Guinea
  2. Geelvink Pygmy Parrot (scientific name: Micropsitta geelvinkiana) – found mainly in Indonesia the name Geelvink comes from a Dutch ship and family called Geelvinck
  3. Buff-Faced Pygmy Parrot (scientific name: Micropsitta pusio) – the world’s smallest parrot!
  4. Meek’s Pygmy Parrot (scientific name: Micropsitta meeki) – mainly found in Papua New Guinea
  5. Finsch’s Pygmy Parrot (scientific name: Micropsitta finschii) – also known as the Emerald  Pygmy parrot and Green Pygmy parrot
  6. Red Breasted Pygmy Parrot (scientific name: Micropsitta bruijnii) – found mainly in the Boreal forests and other subtropical forests in and around Papua New Guinea and the Solomon islands

    Pygmy Parrot

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Incredible…But True!

When you think about it, these gorgeous birds measure only about the size of an average thumb.  They don’t like to be filmed, so they might feel a bit camera shy if you were to encounter one in Papua New Guinea or the Solomon islands. If you do spot one, telling the genders apart may be a little difficult. Both the male and the female look quite similar, but they can be identified by the more intense markings that are found on the male Pygmy parrot’s head.

If you’d like to visit and see the world’s smallest parrot species then start saving your spare money and prepare for a trip you’ll never forget!

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