Wild Fact #114 – A Fashionable Reptile – Regal Ringneck Snake

Regal Ringneck Snake

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Cool Stuff You Might Like To Know!

  • The Regal Ringneck Snake is a sub-species of the more common Ringneck Snake and is found in southwestern United States and of course in northern Mexico.
  • As you might expect these snakes get their name from a bright yellow or orange ring around their neck (the name really didn’t leave any suspense, did it?)
  • Although the Regal Ringneck Snake lives in an area covered with deserts, these slippery reptiles prefer to reside in the mountains (wouldn’t you rather live in the mountains then the hot, dry desert?)
  • Unlike other Ringneck Snakes, this particular sub-species has a diet that consists mostly of other snakes, although they will eat lizards and other reptiles too (when you are hungry, you will eat anything).

Sharp-Dressed Snake

The Regal Ringneck Snake has a fascinating wardrobe. For starters they are mostly a sharp looking blue-grey colour and then they add in a few accessories that makes them quite stunning to look at. There is the previously mentioned bright yellow/orange necklace but these slithering serpents also have a mix of bright red/orange underneath their tail. Unfortunately, seeing this colourful underside of the Regal Ringneck Snake is not the easiest thing in the world. Why?

Regal Ringneck Snake

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The Most Venomous Ringneck Snake

Like most animals that are brightly coloured, the Regal Ringneck Snake is the most venomous of all the Ringneck Snakes in North America, so you probably wouldn’t want to try picking them up to get a peak at their underside. How venomous are they? Well, they do have a potent venom but the real scary part is the speed that the venom starts to work. For example, an unfortunate lizard (which is usually lunch for this hungry snake) will start to feel the impact in a matter of minutes. This usually means the lizard will become paralyzed, which makes it much easier for the Regal Ringneck Snake to consume.  I wasn’t able to find any records of the Regal Ringneck Snake biting humans but once again, I wouldn’t want to be the first so I recommend being careful while wandering around the mountains of southwester United States (or northern Mexico).


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