Review for San Francisco Pet Camp

San Francisco Pet Care

For dog and cat owners in the San Francisco area, Pet Camp is one of the best pet care facilities ever. There are separate recreational areas for cats and dogs at this campground, where your furry family members are called ‘campers’. offers a complete range of group and individual activities and constant attention to your pet’s wellness and happiness. The camp is available for daytime and overnight stays, individual lodging spaces, meals, and afternoon snacks.

Accommodations For Everyone

There are accommodations and activities for campers with health and mobility issues. Staff personnel can administer most medications prescribed for a camper. Persnickety doggies have individual play time while more sociable campers have group romps with their friends of similar ages, sizes, personalities and activity needs. Parents of doggie campers can take advantage of the 5-day Camper Cadet Program that trains, or retrains, your pet in obedience and good manners.

Cats Are Welcome

Cat campers have a choice of condo or suite lodging. Cat campers have a playroom where members from the same family play together, chase swirling light shapes as they move around the room, watch colorful fish in large aquarium towers, and even go on a cat safari. Pet Camp has made every effort to consider the campers’ needs and requirements.

There is a pet camp bus for transportation, a swimming area, and salon facilities for baths and shampoos. Special ventilation keeps the air fresh and clean 24/7 and a staff member sleeps on the campgrounds every night. Care and love are what every camper receives.


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