Wild Fact #21 – The Beautiful But “Crazy” Chicken – Silver Polish Chicken

Silver Polish Chicken

Cool Facts About the Silver Polish Chicken

  • Although their name might imply these chickens originated in Poland, in fact the country of origin for the Silver Polish Chicken is the Netherlands
  • Unlike most chickens, you can’t rely on these ones to provide you with eggs as they rarely lay them; however, when they do they lay beautiful tiny, white eggs
  • The Silver Polish Chicken is only one variation of the Polish breed, among which you’ll find the Silver Laced Polish, Golden Laced, White Laced Red, Buff Laced and many others

A Silver Polish’s Appearance

Have you’ve ever wondered how a Polish Chicken keeps its amazing feather comb without any hairdresser intervention? What do you mean, you haven’t thought about this? It keeps me up all the time. Well, we are still going to take a second to learn how they do it. As mentioned, this chicken has a protuberance on top of their skull that makes them look as though they have a giant head. The large crests cover their skulls and adorn their appearance even more, so when you look at a Silver Polish Chicken you only see glitz and glam.  I think we can all agree that the Polish Chicken is probably one of the most unique looking and beautiful chicken breeds on the planet.Silver Polish Chicken

A Beautiful Pet

As we have mentioned, the Silver Polish Chicken is a very beautifully adorned chicken with an amazing feathery hat on its head and amazing motley plumage that decorates its body. Not only are they beautiful but they are quite popular as “pets”.

Why would you want  a Silver Polish Chicken? There are several good reason why. Some buy them for their beauty appearance, as a way to embellish their yards, others want to breed them as a hobby and some raise a Polish to participate at bird exhibitions.

You should be warned that although they are quite friendly and make great pets, the Silver Polish Chicken is known for acting “crazy” at times. What causes this? Funny enough, it is the same thing that makes them so beautiful. Quite frequently, the plumage of this bird will cover their eyes causing them to panic. So while some think these birds are acting crazy,  in reality they are just scared because the lights went out. If you keep the lights on, you will have a beautiful pet that will love you forever.



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