Wild Fact #111 – The Best Hat In The World – Brazilian Treehopper

Brazilian Treehopper

The Coolest Things You Need To Know!

  • The picture of the Brazilian Treehopper above is a model sculpture but believe it or not this insect does indeed exist (and it look just like the model)
  • This particular insect is also known as the “Bell Bearer” and the “Globulare”, which I think both have to do with the incredibly odd hat this Treehopper is wearing (we will discuss more about this in a second)
  • The Brazilian Treehopper is one of 3200 species of Treehoppers, however, I am willing to bet it is the coolest one

What In The World Is On Their Head?!?

I guess we need to address the elephant in the room, or at least the Treehopper in the room, so what in the world is on this insects head? If you ask me, I think it kind of looks like a helicopter or something very similar. While we don’t know what exactly this is, I can tell you what it isn’t. Those globs are not eyes and they are not antennae. Originally it was believed that this odd structure had something to do with mating, but considering both male and females have the exact same structure, I highly doubt it is a status symbol (such as the antlers on a Moose).Brazilian Treehopper

Some Biologists believe that the incredibly odd protrusions on this insects head is to simply prevent predators from eating them. Let’s face it, those weird structures would make this Treehopper pretty difficult to swallow. Although I am still trying to figure out who in their right mind would want to even try eating these bizarre creatures. If this defence mechanism theory doesn’t satisfy you then maybe you would like to know about one additional hypothesis out there. It is possible that those tiny bristles on the top of their heads is actually sensitive to vibrations and could play a role in the way the tiny Brazilian Treehopper interprets the world. If you ask me, I think I would rather just stick with fingers and toes to handle the tactile senses.

If you have any other theories or funny comments about the odd headdress this insect is wearing, why not share it with us in the comments below or on Facebook.

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