11 Bizarre Pets Owned By Celebrities

7. Lion – Tippi Hedren

Hedren & Neil The Lion

You might have seen her in some movies before. She’s one of Hitchcock’s icy blonde leading ladies, starring alongside then-James Bond Sean Connery in “Marnie” and in another one of Hitchock’s most disturbing movies to date, called “The Birds” back in the 60’s. She also had an exotic pet of her own, a lion called Neil.

As you may have guessed, captive wild animals don’t make good pets as they grow into adults, and due to the complaints of the neighbors and even after a few scratches and bites here and there, Tippi decided that animals like these should not be kept as pets. Therefore she founded the Shamble Preserve in 1983, a sanctuary to protect wild animals from abuse or neglect.

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