16 Unlikely Animal Friendships

12. The Cat And The Crow

the cat and the crow

There have been nothing but smiles on our faces, and hopefully also yours at this point. One day, a kitten appeared in the yard of an elderly couple in Massachusetts. At first the couple, Wallace and Ann Collito, were worried about Cassie, the name they gave the kitten, but soon learned that they didn’t have to as they saw, in an act of surprising friendliness and care, a crow came and took care of the kitten, feeding it bugs and worms and keeping Cassie off the street. Over the years, the couple took to filming the friendship that grew between this cat and the crow, until eventually Cassie got to sleep inside the house. But that didn’t stop Moses, the crow, from coming by to visit as every morning he would be outside the house waiting for Cassie to come out and play.

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