7 Pet Campaigns Needing Our Support

2. UNITED Against Dog-Fighting

2.UNITED Against Dog-Fighting

Did you know that Kentucky is the only state that allows owning, training and selling of dogs for the sole purpose of dog-fighting? As ridiculous as it seems, it is perfectly legal to hold dog-fighting for profit and even for pleasure alone. And what do we get as a result? We have poor dogs with their lives at stake and at the mercy of such cruel and unimaginable condition. As of now, petitions have been filed to amend such law to ultimately ban this violent “amusement”. Even you have the power to contribute for the success of the fight against animal cruelty. The group, UNITED Against Dogfighting is seeking for donations to put this campaign into action as well as to educate the people against the consequences of dogfighting.

For more information on how to send your donation, you can go to http://www.gofundme.com/rccdsw.

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