7 Unique Ocean Habitats

The oceans of the world are home to an unimaginable variety of species. We have barely scratched the surface with regards to the exact number of plants and animals that live beneath the waves. For some of the most unique ocean habitats, here is a list. 

1. Madagascar


Yes, that Madagascar. Although this island off the coast of Africa is well-known for having an extensive number of land-dwelling species such as lemurs, tortoises, geckos and chameleons to name a few, it also has an incredibly diverse and unique marine ecosystem. With over 3000 miles of coastline as well as 250 islands where some of the biggest systems of coral reefs in the world can be found, it’s home to living fossils. This is because some species of catfish, cichlides, silversides and more found there are some of the oldest in the world.

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