Wild Facts was created to educate and inspire people about our natural environment.

In order to carry out this goal, we provided a new Wild Fact every weekday until we finished the countdown from 1000 to zero (click here to see the Wild Facts Archive). Although, the initial Wild Facts project has finished, our goals remain the same – to educate and inspire. As such, we will continue to write about wildlife, however, this time around we are expanding Wild Facts to include all aspects of our natural ecosystems.

Similarly, we believe it is important to raise awareness for a variety of conservation efforts going on throughout the world. As such, we will be highlighting specific organizations and their efforts to preserve our natural environment. If you are part of a conservation organization or would like to recommend one to be featured on Wild Facts, please click HERE to let us know.

Enjoy the site and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any recommendations or if you would like to become involved with Wild Facts. We are always looking for writers and photographers to help inspire and educate about our natural resources.