Wild Fact #80 – The Nocturnal Seeker – Amazon Milk Frog

Amazon Milk FrogCool Facts About The Amazon Milk Frog

  • The Amazon Milk Frog is a fairly large frog native to the diverse rain forests of South America (specifically the Amazon)
  • This arboreal (tree lover) frog is also known as the Mission Golden-Eyed Tree Frog or the Blue Milk Frog… for obvious reasons.
  • Never stress out the Amazon Milk Frog, unless you would like to be covered in a white, sticky substance. This is where the milk part of their name comes from

Spoiled Milk

As mentioned the Blue Milk Frog will excrete a white, milky substance when they feel threatened. What I failed to mention was this milky substance just happens to be poisonous. I guess we should have known that given their bright, warning colours. Luckily, their poisonous milk doesn’t appear to be too harmful to humans…but please don’t go playing with the poor frogs milk.

Amazon Milk Frog

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Lounging In The Leaves

So you want to catch a glimpse of the Amazon Milk Frog? Well you had better be prepared to stay awake all night. Yes, these colourful amphibians are nocturnal. They spend there days hiding among the thick rain forest vegetation. As a side note, these frogs have an elongated snout which is used to push leaves and branches aside, allowing them to really conceal themselves in bushes.

Midnight Snack

Once the sun sets these frogs head out to look for a scrumptious dinner. What’s on the menu? Frog food, obviously. To be more specific these Milk Frogs prefer feeding on spiders, insects and any other small arthropod they can get their tongues on. They usually find these snacks hiding among the trees. I bet these unfortunate bugs would change their hiding place if they knew the Amazon Milk Frog had specially adapted toe pads making them some of the best climbing frogs in the Amazon. Let this be a lesson to you – always understand your opponent before playing hide ‘n’ seek.

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