11 Bizarre Facts About Woodpeckers

Of the millions of animals that are in the animal kingdom, the woodpecker is one that is known for being a builder. They are deemed the construction workers among the birds. But apart from what we know they do, what else do we know about them? There’s more to them than we think, perhaps only those who have studied these birds closely would know these things about them. So, let’s pause for a little bit, and get to know these birds. As they say, the more we know, the more we can understand. They’re not just birds that peck through the trees, they are more than that.

1. The Most Famous Woodpecker

the most famous woodpecker

As you may have noticed, not many woodpeckers are very popular, in fact hardly any woodpeckers are popular, just one particular woodpecker. Who, you might ask? Woody Woodpecker. Woody’s a cartoon character, created by an artist named Ben “Bugs” Hardaway back in 1940. While he may be a very famous woodpecker, his species is not very distinct. If you’ve watched the Woody Woodpecker show, then you’d probably be familiar with who he is.

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