16 Most Aggressive Animals In The World

Aggressive animals aren’t just limited to rabid dogs, or raccoons in the neighborhood or poisonous snakes, aggressive animals can be large or small, thus the phrase, small but terrible. Although aggressive animals aren’t all generally aggressive. While some are out of control, there are some who only turn aggressive when threatened or provoked, and rightfully so. The list of animals we have here may or may not be surprising to know about, but we do have to hand it to them for being fierce.

1. Honey Badger

honey badger

Contrary to it’s name, the honey badger doesn’t really look like one, as it looks more like a weasel. But don’t be fooled, this honey badger can pack a punch as it can attack any animals it comes across, even an animal as large as a lion. This carnivore has crazy sharp teeth, and its skin is thick enough to even sleep off a venomous snake bite. Don’t believe the honey in its name, because they are anything but.

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