4 Things You May Not Have Known About Dogs

3. Owning a dog benefits families with autism

Dogs are Good For Families with Autism

Research has shown that parents who have a child with autism and who own a dog, report improved companionship, lesser stress and more opportunities for their children to learn, than non-dog owners. Children with autism can often find it difficult to build friendships, which is why the unconditional nature of a dog’s love can be so beneficial. Dogs can also act as a kind of bridge, since other children may wish to pet or play with the dog, thus providing a subject of conversation with the child with autism. Dogs may not be ideal for all children with autism, though. Children should take part in deciding what type of pet they feel most comfortable with; for instance, children who are sensitivity to loud noises would do better with a dog that didn’t bark, or another animal such as a rabbit, cat, etc.

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