9 Famous Animals

Just when you thought celebrities only existed among us humans, there are also animal celebrities. Animals and humans have lived side by side for years, even though some humans have the nerve to kill off a few species here and there for money. But the animals here, with famous owners or none, have become household names, or even icons in history.

1. Fido


Fido is one of the most popular street dogs back in World War 2 and perhaps of all time. The name in Latin meaning “faithful one”, Fido certainly lives up to it. Back in 1941, a brick worker named Carlo Soriani found Fido lying in a ditch, injured. Dogs back then were often the innocent victims of the military attacks that would happen in some areas.

Fido had no owner, so Soriani took care of him and nursed him back to health. They had grown taken with each other over time, and Fido always followed Carlo to the bus stop before leaving for work and would be there to wait for Carlo when he came back. Unfortunately, the dog and his master had unknowingly part ways as Carlo was soon killed in a bombing in a factory two years later.

Fido didn’t know, and thus waited for him at the bus stop for 14 more years, until his death in 1958. He is, among the other dogs in history, a symbol of a pet’s extreme loyalty to their owner.

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