Wild Award – Superior Scribbler

I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to Jen over at http://epicfarms.blogspot.com/ for passing on the Superior Scribbler award to Wild Facts!  It really is a great honour to receive an award from such a great blogger.  I highly recommend you go and check out Equine Epiphanies. It is an enjoyable read about horses and life on a southern farm.

There are usually rules tied to these awards and this one is no different.  I have instituted a new personal policy where I will acknowledge the award and link back to the generous person presenting me with the award but I will no longer be passing the awards on.  There are a lot of blogs out there which deserve many accolades but this process just feels too much like a chain e-mail, which I never participate in.

Again, I want to thank Jen for the honour.  Now go over and check out:

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  • http://virtualsynapses.blogspot.com Ryhen | Mind Power

    Hey, man, you got an award. Congratulations! I think this sort of thing is cool even if it’s indeed true that at times it may appear like a chain email. Nonetheless, I also think that it’s just part of the game involved with networking and that’s how people in the blogosphere recognize the presence of one another. Like you, however, I don’t follow this kind of trend. Whether one gets an award or not, people will visit a blog and recognize it if it provides valuable information and if the owner is generally friendly. =)


    • http://www.wild-facts.com Nathan

      It is definitely nice to be presented with an award but you are right that people aren’t stopping by just for the awards. And if they are then everyone needs to let me know as I will try to win some more :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Ryhen!

  • http://epicfarms.blogspot.com Jen

    That’s a great idea Nathan! Now I know what to do if someone inflicts me with another one *grin*. Thanks for the link :o)

    • http://www.wild-facts.com Nathan


      I love the way you presented your award on your blog. It really is an honour but it can be a bit tedious passing it out to everyone else. Although, I am happy that both of us were “inflicted” with The Superior Scribblers award.