Wild Fact #13 – An Unique Home – Black Toad

Black Toad


If you are a native to the southern California then you may probably already know all about the Black Toad.  For those of you who do not live there we are going to give you some fun facts so that you can understand a little bit more about these amazing creatures.


Cool Facts About the Black Toad

  • The scientific name for the Black Toad is Bufo exsul, which refers to the fact that this frog has been “exiled” to a tiny spot in the desert of California
  • The males do not have vocal sacs and as such are incapable of making loud mating calls. They are capable of making tiny little chirps but I highly  doubt that will impress the ladies
  • This particular toad species has a love for water and will typically only leave their aquatic springs during their migration….to other aquatic springs


Where do the black toads Live in California?

Black ToadFirst off if you were to look for these toads you will probably be able to find them near the streams and rivers (remember when I said the love the water…I wasn’t kidding!) in the Deep Springs Valley at night.  They were introduced to other areas of California but did not survive in their new homes.  They are only found in such a small area making them a very rare species of toad.  The reason for this is that the area is a desert making it almost impossible to find those same conditions elsewhere.


What is the black toads habitat like?

Not only do these toads live near water they also live in the mountains.  Their main habitat is a stretch of natural springs in the mountains that are at an elevation between 4,900-5,600 feet.    These rare mountainous areas make their habitat very difficult to recreate. For those of you keeping score at home, the Black Toad likes to live in aquatic springs throughout a mountainous, desert region. Now do you see why these animals are so rare? I don’t personally know too many mountainous deserts with natural spring water.

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