Wild Fact #22 – Looking For Love – Satin Bowerbird

Female Satin Bowerbird

Female Satin Bowerbird

When it comes to wooing the opposite sex, the Satin Bowerbird is a rockstar. The medium-sized males are known for building and decorating a fancy bower (a decorative structure, which they will eventually use to build a nest). If a nice home wasn’t good enough, this particular Bowerbird will dance around it to entice the female to pick him. More on the courtship behaviour in a second but first let’s learn a few other cool things about this interesting bird.

Cool Facts About The Satin Bowerbird

  • If you want to catch a glimpse of the dancing bowerbird then you will need to be on a plane for Australia as these guys can only be found in the rain forests of eastern Australia, 
  • It is hard to believe these beautiful birds need to go through the trouble of building a fancy nest and dancing like a fool just to get the attention of an attractive female. I thought they would just use their stunning blue eyes and metallic looking feathers to entice their mate, but this doesn’t appear to be the case
  • During the mating season, the Satin Bowerbird fuels their nest building and dancing by feasting on a variety of insects, however, once the winter months roll around, these birds cut the meat part out of their diet and focus solely on vegetation

    Male Satin Bowerbird

    Male Bowerbird Building a Nest

Courting in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to mate selection, the female Satin Bowerbird has to be one of the pickiest animals out there. Before the lady bowerbird selects a mating partner she goes through a three step process.

  1. The female visits the bower before the nest is build and while the male is away
  2. Visits the bower again. The nests still aren’t built but the males are present and strutting this time around
  3. One final inspection of the bower which now has a nest and a showboating bird. This time the female will select her mate and begin the breeding process

While it seems like a lot of work just to get a date, you have to remember that the Satin Bowerbird doesn’t have the the luxury of trying online dating. Besides, this seems to work quite well, however, I am a little worried that they are just attracting shallow females only interested in a fancy bower.

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