19 Smartest Dog Breeds

It isn’t very surprising that a lot of people, especially kids, would love to have a pet dog in their household. Not only do they become a huge source of happiness, but can also serve as protection for the family. If you are planning to adopt a pet dog, we’re pretty sure that some idea on dogs would be very handy. Surely, you would want to have the smart, energetic and friendly one as a new member of the family.

Worry no more because we’ve got it all listed for you! Check out the different dog breeds that are recognized as the smartest ones.

1. Border Collie


On top of our list is the dog primarily bred for obedience and intelligence, the Border Collie. You will find these dogs incredibly workaholic and has remarkable instincts. This is the very reason why they have been employed throughout the globe in herding livestock. Also, if you want to develop a dog for sports, then you can have the Border Collie as a perfect choice.

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