7 Pet Campaigns Needing Our Support

Not everyone may realize it but there are actually millions of homeless, sick and poor animals all throughout the globe that utterly needs our help and attention. People coming together with a helping hand can indeed make the lives of our pet companions significantly better and more meaningful. Their lives are at stake and they need our support to save them from misery. Listed below are several pet campaigns that need our immediate support. Find time to show and extend your support for our little buddies.

1. The Shelter Pet Project

1. The Shelter Pet Project_1

Giving pets a place they can call their home and a loving family to take care of them is the main priority of The Shelter Pet Project. This campaign started as a result of a successful collaboration between The Humane Society of the United States and Maddie’s Fund, two of the recognized animal welfare groups in the US. The Shelter Pet Project is indeed one of the campaigns that truly deserve our support considering the huge number of stray and abandoned pets that need a warm place to sleep and a new family that can give them love and attention. Be part of a life-changing movement, adopt a pet and save lives.

Learn more and offer a hand by going to http://theshelterpetproject.org/.

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