These 16 Animals Are The Meanest On The Planet

Like people, there are animals that are either really nice, or docile, or just really mean. Aggressiveness is one thing, but pair it with an ill-temper and you’ve got an animal that you should steer clear of, or at least try not to provoke and just look at from afar. These animals are considered not only the most dangerous, but they are also the meanest in the world. They have a tendency to go crazy and come after anything or worse, anyone, at any time, any place, and what’s scary is that some of these animals can even chase you down. You’d be surprised to see a few of these.

1. Hippopotamus


They are herbivores in nature, so they don’t eat any meat. But contrary to the belief that they may be gentle creatures, they are one of the meanest in the world. Hippos are extremely territorial animals and can come after anything that can intrude in its territory. Also, just because it’s a large animal doesn’t mean it’s slow or anything. The males are generally mean, but the females are only mean because they are very protective of their little ones. Hippos can also run as fast as humans as well, and have been the cause of death of more people in Africa than any other animal. How’s that for mean?

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