Wild Fact #414 – Ear to the Ground – Kit Fox

Kit Fox

Photo by B. Peterson (Wikimedia)

After learning about an icky Tarantula yesterday, I figured we would up the cute quotient by studying the amazing Kit Fox. Besides, this way my mother can actually eat her breakfast without being grossed out by her morning Wild Fact. This particular fox is found primarily throughout the southwestern portion of the United States and into northern and central Mexico. So who is up for taking a quick holiday trip to Mexico to learn about the beautiful Kit Fox? Oh…don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and some water since this particular fox loves hanging out in the prairies and semi-arid areas. You ready? Let’s go….

The Smallest Canine

The Kit Fox is classified as the smallest species of canine found in North America. Okay, so this probably doesn’t include your Jack Russell Terrier that rips around the house at 120 km/hr so let me re-state that last sentence. The Kit Fox is classified as the smaller species of WILD canine found in North America. Yeah, that should work! Now I know you are all interested in finding out just how small this cute little fox is, right? Well, the Kit Fox has an average length between 45 and 54 centimetres (18 – 21 inches), not including their tail. Their ┬álong, fluffy tail adds another 25 to 34 cm (9.8 – 13.4 inches).

Kit Fox

Photo by Jeff Foott - Click for Source

My Kit Fox…What Big Ears You Have

You may have noticed that this little fox has rather large ears. Much like their cousin in Africa, the Fennec Fox, these large ears play a big role in the life of the Kit Fox. Not only do they make them look adorable but they also provide the Kit Fox with a way to regulate that hot desert heat. That’s right, the large surface area of their ears helps cool them down during the hot summer months. As well, the large ears give the Kit Fox an incredible sense of hearing which they utilize to locate and capture a variety of prey species including rodents, reptiles, rabbits, birds, insects, fish and even carrion (dead animals). Okay, so they probably don’t need an acute sense of hearing to locate that last prey item. You will have noticed that the Kit Fox is a extreme generalist and as such will eat just about anything it can put in their mouth. This is probably a result of living in a desert-like area.

That does it for our latest Wild Fact. Make sure you tune in tomorrow for another fun and exciting animal.


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