Wild Fact #423 – A Little Lemur – Wooly Lemur

Wooly Lemur Facts

Photo by Edward E. Louis Jr.

You are going to be happy you stopped by Wild Facts today! Why? Well, you should always be happy since we get to travel the world and learn fascinating things about animals. Although, today is even more special than other days, since we are going to be discovering the Wooly Lemur, which is no doubt the cutest wild animal you have seen so far this week. There are nine different species of Wooly Lemur; however, ¬†we are going to keep it general today and simply talk about the genus as a whole. So let’s get started, shall we?

Only In Madagascar

Like all other Lemurs, the Wooly variety can only be found on the island of Madagascar. Okay, so they are probably found in some zoos scattered across the world but we are just talking about the wild. This particular lemur has an average length of 40 cm (15.7″) and weighs around 900 grams (1.9 lbs), so they are definitely not the biggest animal in the world (or in Madagascar, for that matter). As you might expect, the Wooly Lemur has short and wooly fur which is usually grey, brown or reddish in colour. They also have an orange tail, a round head and ears that are hidden by a lot more fur. Hmmm… I think I have seen some old men that have ears like that.

Wooly Lemur

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Long Distance Relationship

The Wooly Lemur tends to be a faithful primate as they are often seen living in monogamous pairs. Although, they are monogamous, it doesn’t seem like they enjoy spending time with each other. Typically, a paired male and female will not hunt or travel together and only keep in contact during the night using distant communication. Basically, the Wooly Lemur is in a long distance relationship. During the day a larger group of Wooly Lemurs will come together to rest with each other in the trees.

Wooly Lemur Fast Fact

Both the male and female Wooly Lemur have specialized scent glands found on their neck that increases their sense of smell. This does seem like an odd place to put them but who am I to judge.

That does it for Wednesday’s Wild Fact. I hope you enjoyed our trip to Madagascar.

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