11 Bizarre Pets Owned By Celebrities

Being rich and famous certainly has its perks. You get a big house, or a few more houses, more fancy cars, clothes, and fancy everything else. And yes, even fancy pets. Celebrities do have their own tastes in pets. Some may prefer dogs and cats, or even the other usual pets like turtles, hamsters, and birds.

The celebrities we’re listing here own some pretty unusual pet animals. Now, while we don’t condone taking wild animals out of their natural environment or owning endangered animals, it is still interesting to see how the famous live. 

1. Kangaroo – Elvis

kangaroo elvis

Elvis was known to have a liking for animals and this was one of his pets. That’s right, a real, hopping kangaroo. Not a wallaby, but a kangaroo. This wasn’t much of a gift to Elvis but as a harmless prank by his agent Lee Gordon back in 1957. The King of Rock’n’Roll didn’t have a lot of knowledge about kangaroos, and after some unsuccessful attempts to train his new pet, he donated it to the Memphis Zoo.

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