9 Reasons Why Cats Are Jerks

9 Reasons Why Cats are Jerks

Domesticated cats have been around for a long time, some 4,000 years as a matter of fact. Back when ancient Egyptians worshipped the cat goddess, these felines have been revered and pampered animals. They were adorned with gold and had the best in everything. Archeological digs have even unearthed mummified felines along with their human companions! Death can’t separate a man and his cat.

Today, cats are very common house pets along with dogs, of course. In fact, many would argue that you’re either a cat person or a dog person these days. While ancient Egyptians revere cats, there are also people who think cats are jerks. Can you blame them? Here are nine photos showing why cats can often be labeled as being jerks.

1. Stolen Dog Beds

stolen dog bed 

Cats sleep for most of the day, around 16 hours of snooze time! But like a thief in the night, Tigger has invaded Buddy’s bed, and all of its prime sleeping space. Meanwhile the dog has a small cat bed to rest its head to sleep. Try to evict the cat from its new spacious sleeping quarters and you will have to contend with the bared fangs and claws.

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