16 Of The Smallest Animals On Earth

In the animal kingdom, there are big ones, there are tall ones, there are short ones, there are long ones, there are also spotted ones, smooth ones, rough ones, scary ones, fluffy ones, and many other kinds of animals that exist in the world. But here, we’re not going to talk about the big ones and the long ones. In fact, we’ll be talking about the small ones. The tiny animals that, if you blink, you may miss them coming by, and the like. With the exception of insects (because they are already naturally small), we’re looking at the smallest of vertebrates, and yet contribute to how amazing nature is. You may be surprised at just how small these creatures can be.

1. Kitti’s Hog-Nosed Bat

kitti's hog nosed bat

This teeny-tiny bat is also known as a bumblebee bat, and is commonly found in the western parts of Thailand and in the southeastern parts of Burma, and inhabits limestone caves along the rivers. It is deemed as the world’s smallest mammal, measuring at a tiny 29 to 33 mm. However, due to habitat degradation as well as a disturbance in roosting sites in Thailand, this tiny bat is facing a risk of extinction.

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