16 Unlikely Animal Friendships

We tend to usually think, that when it comes to animals, they supposedly only bond and befriend those among their species only. But there have been times, and a lot of them at that, that we have been proven wrong. Animals can actually get along just as much as we humans do. Like us, animals can form lasting friendships with other different animals, from small animals befriending giant animals, from predators bonding with their prey, even animals can get along, perhaps even better than we do. They are the animals who embody the ever so popular hashtag: #friendshipgoals.

1. The Elephant And The Labrador

the elephant and the labrador

Meet Bubbles the African elephant and Bella the black labrador.  Bubbles was brought to the U.S. to stay in a safari reserve after being rescued from ivory poachers. As for Bella? A contractor seemed to have left her in the park. The two of them ended up becoming the best of friends ever since. Bubbles even lets Bella use her as a diving board.

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