9 Unlikely Animal Friendships

There have been many cases wherein animals defied presupposed stereotypes that humans have placed on them. For these animals, the connection is deeper that their naturally ingrained predator-prey instincts. Watching them is both heartwarming and fascinating.

And perhaps, just perhaps, they are telling their distant evolutionary relatives that you don’t have to have the same stripes or spots, that you don’t have to have huge canines or strong beaks – that you can be with anyone you want to be with no regards to how they look or what they eat or even where they live!

Here are some of these unlikely friendships that blossomed despite all expectations:

1. Dog and Wild Fox

Dog and Wild Fox

Hunting dogs have been used to hunt for foxes for generations, and so it’s naturally surprising and pleasant to see this marvelous display of camaraderie between the two furry friends. This only proves that without the interference of humans, canines of different genus can get along just fine. Rather, their potential to get along increases.

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