11 of the Craziest Animal Defense Mechanisms

Mother Nature has a wacky sense of humor. While predator-prey relationship is as natural as it can be, Mother Nature never missed out on the chance to come up with totally bizarre and crazy animal defense mechanisms. You’ll be quite surprised (and amused at the very least) of the many ways animals have evolved for survival.

Animals in the wild have awesome ways to make sure that they survive. After all, it’s all about survival. To eat or be eaten. Nothing around that. It’s the law of nature. But sure enough, here are some of the craziest animal defense mechanisms.

1. Sea Cucumber

sea cucumber

Sea cucumbers, or holothurians, are bottom dwelling animals of the world’s sea floors. They seem harmless enough, but don’t let their sluggishness fool you. Some species of sea cucumbers release a sticky toxin to ward off predators. Sounds scary enough. Not really as there are also species that violently contract their bodies to expel their guts out of their butts! While the predator is distracted by this rather disgusting spectacle, the sea cucumber had already made its escape. In six weeks’ time, those organs are regenerated (and ready for any predator) while the sea cucumber goes about its usual routine like nothing happened.

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