Wild Fact #416 – A Little Bloated – Sea Raven

Sea Raven Facts

Photo by Stan Shebs (Wikimedia)

After spending yesterday in the warm portions of the ocean chasing after the incredibly quick Sailfish, I thought we would head to the northwest Atlantic and north Pacific to search for a ground dwelling sculpin known as the Sea Raven. According to some researchers this is the “most remarkable looking fish” so I think we are all in for a treat today. Besides, I can’t think of a better way to end the week then by splashing around in the north Pacific Ocean at the beginning of December – I am getting shivers just thinking about it.

A Remarkable Fish

So what makes the Sea Raven such a remarkable looking fish? Well for starters they have a wide range of amazing colours including deep red, dark brown, purple and of course various shades of yellow. Don’t get me wrong their coloration is impressive but I don’t think this is their best feature. Personally, I like the fleshy protrusions extending from the large head of the Sea Raven. As well their prickly skin and ragged looking dorsal fin come together to make this one bizarre looking fish. I wonder if all the other sculpins make fun of the Sea Raven for being different or if they are envious of their remarkable look.

Sea Raven Facts

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The Balloon of the Ocean

Compared to other sculpins, the Sea Raven is definitely the coolest, in my opinion. These little fish have the ability to expand their stomach by taking in large mouthfuls of water. In this condition the fish will just float around aimlessly as it tries to use their tail as a rudder to steer the ship. At this point it is unclear if the Sea Raven is able to control the amount of water it releases at any given time. It is believed that they just need to wait until the water naturally expels from their system. For some reason, I keep picturing this little fish flying around like a balloon that you just let go before tying the end.

Sea Raven Fast Fact

Okay, one last quick fact before we get ready for the weekend. The Sea Raven is known for having large teeth and as a result bite harder than most of the other sculpins out there. I guess this answers the question about whether other sculpins make fun of them or not….I wouldn’t mess with a fish that can bite me in half.

That does it for today’s Wild Fact. Enjoy your weekend and I will see you on Monday.

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